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Jesus said, "I will build my church…"

WEAVE is the second part of a four-year series we have entitled THE WAY. WF 2014 emphasized the importance and connection we must have with the church. This connection is not an option. We must be about sharing with our young people (and our older people) how important it is for them to be a part of the church.  The weekend together was designed to produce love, appreciation, commitment, respect, and a priority in our teens as well as renewal for those of us who are older, for the church. This page is dedicated to providing resourses to keep the WEAVE theme going throughout 2014. Blessings to each of you as you encourage each other and tell others about Jesus.

1. When we think of WEAVING life into the church, we understand that one of the functions of the church is community. We all need and desire intimacy and fellowship.  We go looking for it at church.  Miller makes the point that "...we don’t find community; we create it."  Click here for the article.

2. The whole idea of the church rests on Jesus Christ and him living, dying and being raised again. Click here for some commentary on Matthew 16:13-20.

3. At Winterfest 2014, as we talked about the value and importance of the church, one important element that was discussed was community.   Here are some reasons community might have more benefits than we think it does.  Click here to read more.

4. Church: 'Doing' or 'Being'?  It seems to me that more people who claim to be Christ-followers in this world are caught up in doing church over being church. Church isn’t a place. It isn’t a set of ritual acts. It isn’t the performance abilities of teachers or musicians. Church is the life of Jesus on display through his people – with Jesus functioning as head and all his people as various parts of his body in the world.  Read more here.

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