Arlington Schedule 2018


Doors Open:             6:30 PM

Session Begins:         7:00 PM

     Bean & Bailey

     Stephen Maxwell & friends leading worship

     Jeff & Taylor Walling: If Jesus died for us, what does that mean?

Session Ends:            9:00 PM



Doors Open:             8:30 AM

Session Begins:         9:00 AM

     Hoss Ridgeway Wake Up Winterfest!

     Stephen Maxwell & friends leading worship

     Phil Brookman: Our Adoption—God’s Fatherhood

     Chris Seidman: Our Inheritance—Christ’s Sonship

     Rick Atchley: Our Assurance—The Spirit’s Indwelling 

     10,000 Ping Pong Balls

     Jeff & Taylor Walling: -   If Jesus rose from the dead, what did that win?

Session Ends:                  11:00 AM



Doors Open:                     3:30 PM

Afternoon Begins:             4:00 PM

     Big Room stuff for teens

     Adult Leaders view “I Can Only Imagine” movie

Evening Session Begins     6:30 PM

     Jared Hall “The Case of the Disappearing Ping Pong Ball"

    Stephen Maxwell & friends leading worship

    Jeff & Taylor Walling: If Jesus is coming back, what hope is there right now?

Session Ends:                    9:00 PM


Doors:                      7:30 AM

Session Begins:         8:00 AM

     Stephen Maxwell & friends leading worship

     Communion & Contribution

     Jeff & Taylor Walling: If God is for us, who can be against us?

Session Ends:            10:00 AM

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