What are the dates for Winterfest 2024?

      Arlington — January 12-14, 2024

      Gatlinburg — February 16-18, 2024

What about COVID policies at the convention centers? 

As of November 2022, neither Arlington nor Gatlinburg have any restrictions. The convention centers have protocols set up for anyone getting sick and needing assistance. 

Which Winterfest is this?  

The Winterfest connected with this website is predominately attended by students from churches of Christ, as well as students from many other protestant fellowships. We get tons of calls and emails that should go to other "Winterfests". If you are looking for the Winterfest that meets in March in Knoxville, Tennessee, please contact  www.mywinterfest.com

What are the costs for 2023?

See pricing here for Arlington.

See pricing here for Gatlinburg.

What is Winterfest?

Winterfest is a weekend retreat going on for 37 years now. This retreat is geared toward middle and high school teens. This particular Winterfest is attended primarily by teens from acappella churches of Christ, although we have groups from several different fellowships that come back each year. We use teachers from our fellowship to teach and encourage teens in their walk with God. This weekend is geared toward discipleship. The teachers and guests that come use real life stories, drama, music and scripture to make the Christian life come alive to the teens involved. Our acappella praise and worship times are uplifting and engaging. Believing that the Christian life can be very joyful, we bring in the best Christian entertainers we can find to challenge teens with their lifestyle and their attitudes (we have had Bob Stromberg, One Time Blind, Paul & Nicole, Ted & Lee, Tom Tufts, CPR, Dr. Comedy, Taylor Mason, Lost & Found, Bob Smiley, Curt Cloninger, The Skit Guys, Brad Montague, 3-2-1, UnBound, Hoss Ridgeway, Bean & Bailey, Zak Mirz, to name a few). God bless you as you work with teens. The Winterfest Folks.

Worship at Winterfest?

All of our corporate worship times will be in the main halls. Our speakers will be very biblically based with relevant material affecting the lives of students, using music, drama, lecture, video, and experiences of Christians around the world. Our corporate singing is acappella.

Pay with a credit card?

We take VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards as a convenience to you. A 3.5% processing fee is automatically added to your balance. With the new online registration, your card will be charged immediately and you will get feedback for that. If you meet the deadline for refunds, we will issue you a check minus the 3.5% processing fee. For example, if you give your credit card or the church's credit card to hold your spots and then bring a check to the event, you will still have to pay the 3.5% that the bank charges immediately when your card goes through.

Pay with a check?

Payment by check is good--if the check is good. If the check bounces, we will run it through one more time. If it bounces a second time, we will email you and ask for a money order for your purchase as well as any additional fees that were incurred attempting to process your check. If you are paying by check when you register online, we will hold your spots for 10 days. If payment is not received in 10 days, you will get an email reminding you that your spots are being released back into the pool. 

When do I get my badges/tickets/passes/shirts?

You pick up your badges/tickets/passes the Friday of the event. Come to Registration and you will get your leaders packets with all your badges/tickets/passes/shirts. Registration typically opens around lunch on Friday.

Who pays and what ages attend Winterfest?

Winterfest is designed for Middle School and High School students. Everyone coming to Winterfest has to be registered and have a badge to enter the sessions. The convention centers force us to have security above ours. They are told to not allow anyone in without a badge. Children three and under that you can hold in your lap--they cannot take up a chair space--can receive a free child's pass. This program is for teens in 6th grade up to 12th grade!!!!! If your child is crying or mis-behaving, you will be asked to leave the sessions. Please honor this request.

What is a session?

Currently this applies to Gatlinburg only. You must choose early or late. You can click here to look at a copy of the current schedule to get a feel for the sessions. A group CANNOT mix sessions (for example, some groups ask if they can come to late on Friday night, and come to early on Sunday morning. The answer is always NO. We do check badges Sunday morning and you will not be allowed to switch sessions, unless you want to buy both sessions. This is not to be mean, but to keep us from being shut down by the Fire Marshall. Please honor the session that you purchase, and do not be mean to our college student helpers.

Is food provided?

No food is included in the registration price. You cannot bring food for your group into the convention centers. There is food for sale in the convention centers. This varies from hotdogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, drinks, candy, popcorn, pretzels, etc. For information about restaurants in Gatlinburg click here. There are also several fast food places right around the convention center. For Arlington, the eating out places are not as close to the convention center. Click here for a list. GROUPS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING FOOD INTO THE CONVENTION CENTERS!

Is lodging provided?

Lodging is not provided in the Winterfest badge fee. Go to the following links for assistance with lodging:

      Arlington Hotels

      Gatlinburg Hotels

What are the addresses to the Convention Centers?

Items can be shipped to the dock at the Arlington and Gatlinburg Convention Centers. Do not ship with more than five days storage time. You could be charged a storage and handling fee. Use the following addresses:

Arlington Convention Center     1200 Ball Park Way     Arlington, TX 76011

Gatlinburg Convention Center   234 Historic Nature Trail     Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Directions—How do I get there?

     Click for Directions to Arlington Con Center

     Click for Directions to Gatlinburg Con Center

What about vendor booths?

Click here for Arlington Registration

Click here for Gatlinburg Registration

   Click for ACC power utilities forms

   Click for ACC Internet utilities forms

   Click for GCC utilities forms

Is there a refund policy?

You may receive a full refund up to one month from the event starting date. Due to the effort and cost of these events, no refunds will be issued if the event(s) are not cancelled. (In cases of challenging weather, please use your best discretion on attending. 

What if I lose my entry badge/tag?

You must have a badge/tag to enter the convention center hall. If you lose yours, bring your youth minister/sponsor/parent/guardian to registration and after confirmation, you may purchase a replacement for $10.00.


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