IDENTITY: Arlington  Saturday Classes for Parents and Youthworkers (4-6PM)

Dr. Amanda Nichols--Science & Faith: Where Does Our Identity in Jesus Fit?

While there is a conflict story told sometimes between science and faith, Christians don’t have to choose that story. We don’t have to live in fear of science, or any pursuits of knowledge for that matter. Because our identity is in Jesus, we can embrace a holy curiosity for the world around us. A brief introduction about science and religion matters will be presented along with ways that we can encourage our youth to works towards a joyful and living faith as part of their identity, even in seemingly conflicted areas like science and faith.

Dr. Tina Winn--Identity for Emerging Adults

How do parents of today’s college students best support the identity development of their young adults who are in what psychologists have now identified as the stage of “emerging adulthood?” Though this period of transition occurs later and lasts longer than in previous generations, for parents who effectively navigate this ambiguity and transition from control to influence, it provides an opportunity for extended impact as adult identity develops. Even so, this transition is often as difficult for parents as it is for their emerging adult children. This presentation will survey contemporary research on the emerging adult life stage and explore practical counsel to assist parents desiring to maintain a positive, Christian influence even as they encourage their children toward independent identities.


Dr. Jim Baird--When Your Identity is Challenged

How do you give answers to questions challenging your identity as a Christian?  When the world finds Christianity offensive or unbelievable, what can you do to lessen the offence and show the believability of what you believe?  In this section we’ll explore some practical ways to give evidence for Jesus and answer some common criticisms of Christianity.

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