Photos from Gatlinburg

Photos from Arlington

(The Way 2013-2016)

2016 marks the end of our four-year journey on THE WAY. We have looked at how to WITHDRAW from this world, how to WEAVE ourselves together as the church, and last year WATCH—how to be and make disciples. This year we focus on WALK. What keeps us walking on THE WAY? What if we stumble, what if we fall? How do we get up and keep walking? Who walks with us? How do we do this walk at school? How do we do this walk at work? What do I get out of this if I keep walking?

Click here for 2016 Arlington song list

Click here for 2016 Gatlinburg song list

Here are the links to the walking stick videos from the weekend:

Dr. Lynn McMillon


Dr. Ben Bruner


Dr. Bruce McLarty


Click here to see how students are charting their journey on their walking stick

Walking Stick Journals

Winterfest 2016 Devos

Pre-Conference Devo

Friday Night Devo

Saturday Night Devo

Post-Conference Devo

If you’re interested in a good resource for follow-up material for “WALK,” we suggest this excellent work by Tim Woodruff. It’s entitled “WALK THIS WAY” and is available at amazon.com  Check it out!

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