Hey Arlington folks check out this Youtube station

from Luke Coles with the songs we will be singing 

over the weekend. Click on this link below:

Winterfest Arlington Playlist

Lesson 1-Pre-Event

Lesson 2-For Friday Night

Lesson 3—Saturday Night

Lesson 4-Post-Event

Below are the links to 2019 poster. Links are different sizes.

WF 2019 Poster (8.25x11)

WF 2019 Poster (12.75x17)

WF 2019 Poster (18x24)

WF 2019 Postcard

Funniest, cleanest, greatest, bestest, folks on the planet coming to Winterfest 2019. Eddie, Tommy, and Bobby—Entertainment with a message. Check out www.skitguys.com and www.bobstromberg.com


Jim Krueger — Marvel Comics and Marcus Neely—Downtown, Searcy AR

Jeff Walling — Pepperdine University—Malibu CA

Chris Seidman — Farmers Branch, Dallas TX

David Skidmore — North Boulevard, Murfreesboro TN

Eric Wilson — Campus Minister Malibu CA

Skit Guys — Skit Guys (One of their daughters goes to Oklahoma Christian University)

Bob Stromberg — Minnesota Guy

Luke Coles — Worship Leader for Arlington

Brishan Hatcher — Worship Leader for Gatlinburg

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